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Your First Days with Contacts

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Contact Basics (Approx 4 Pages)

Contact Groups (Approx 4 Pages)

Chat (Approx 3 Pages)

1  Start emailing your contacts
Enter addresses and add contacts 
Or watch a video:
View and edit contacts
Auto-complete email addresses, use the contact picker, and add personal contacts. 

2  Set up contact groups
Create groups and mailing lists 
Or watch a video:
Create contacts groups
Create contact groups to organize your personal contacts and to use as personal mailing lists.

More about using Contacts...

Other Things You Might Want to do with Google Contacts

Import Hotmail Contacts to a CSV File, Upload them to your Google Account

This is lee with a 30 second short on how to export your hotmail
contacts to a csv file

Log into your hotmail account and click contacts
Select export under the manage menu
Enter the 8 characters in the picture above and click the export button
Save the file where you can find it later