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Get Mail, Contacts, and Calendar on your iPhone

Setup Google Sync on an iOS Device

This is a short video on setting up Google Apps Mail or Gmail with your iOS Device using the Microsoft Exchange Setting Option.

This will allow your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad to download and sync e-mail, Contacts and Calendars with Google Servers. Now your phones most important and up-to-date contacts and appointments will always be safe in the cloud and its a free service. 

On iOS devices when setting up email accounts there are 2 options one that is Gmail the other is Microsoft Exchange. The difference between them is that Gmail syncs the Notes on iOS Device rather that the contacts.

If you have a personal Gmail Account and a Google Apps Account, I suggest splitting up your accounts by setting one up with the Gmail Option and the Other as Microsoft Exchange Account that way Contacts and Notes will both be backed up.

A Note to Google Apps Administrators, you must have Sync turned on in the Administrative Settings of your Google Apps Account. Make sure your administrator has this option enabled before setting this up.

Set up Google Sync on an iPhone

Set up your iPhone with Google Sync to access your Google Apps mail, contacts and calendars using your phone's native applications.
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Use Google Talk on your iPhone
Point your iPhone's browser to:

Then chat with your Google Talk contacts directly from your iPhone.

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 Get Google Docs on your iPhone
Point your iPhone's browser to

From here, you'll see a mobile version of your Docs list where you can view documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

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