Introduction to Google Sites

YouTube Video

Google Sites Tour

Here is the very basics of Google sites; here I give a tour of Google Sites with Google Apps for Business and some examples.

You can use Google Sites to create internal project sites or public on the web.

Below are the topics we cover with links to jump directly to those times.  I also have these links in the video descriptions.

0:00 - Get to your Google Sites Page to List & Start a New Site

0:26 - Create a New Site

1:50 - Edit and Create Page Buttons

2:02 - More Options for Pages
- See Revision History
- Subscribe to page changes
- Page Settings
- Print Page
- Copy Page
- Delete Page
- Preview page as viewer
- Save as page template
- Change page template
- Subscribe to site changes
- Edit site layout
- Manage site
- Sharing and Permissions
- Site help
- Report an Issue

2:56 - Changing Site Access and Visibility

4:09 - Sharing Edit Access to Site with another Google Apps User

5:05 - Adding a Page to your Google Site

5:20 - Selecting Page templates when creating a new page

6:12 - Page Site Location

6:45 - Adding Content on a Page

7:06 - Edit a Page

8:02 - Create a Link to another page or website

8:30 - Open Link in a New Window

8:41 - Change or Remove a Hyperlink / External and Internal Links

9:09 - Insert Picture from Google Photos to Google Site

9:45 - Edit Picture Justification, Size, Wrap, or Remove

10:10 - Change photo link to another location, remove photo link

10:54-11:10 - Insert a YouTube Video in a Google Site

12:00 - Edit YouTube player settings

12:30 - Insert Table in web page

13:18 - Remove Page Attachments and Comments, Add Page Description, Change Page Address

15:05 - Site Layout and Appearance

15:27 - Change Site Themes, Colors, and Fonts
Modify Site template

16:33 - Change or Add Site Logo to Google Site, Site Search box location, site width

17:52 - Edit Sidebar - Enable or Disable, add more page menus and modules

18:42 - Site Revision History, Revert to this version history