Google Sites
Google Sites is the part of Google Apps that helps you build web sites for a team that you are collaborating with, or displaying a site that the public can go to learn about your company.
Private or Public with Google Sites you or your staff can update the site on any computer with an Internet Connection.  It's just like editing a document.  Just sign in and click the Edit Button and start making changes.  When your Done, click save for the world to see.

And because you are cloud computing, share your pictures from Picassa effortlessly, or post a YouTube Video as easily as pasting the link.

Making your website rich in content has never been this easy, and its an integral part of Google Apps

When comparing to other content management systems like our WordPress Hosting, or Joomla security is never a concern with Google Apps because its constantly monitored by Google for viruses and other malicious activity on the Internet.

Synchronize your web content by embedding your share Google Calendar to your Google Site.  Let others subscribe to your calendar feed to improve event turnouts and employee productivity.  Even offer live appointment scheduling right on your web site saving you time and convenience to your customer.

Embedding documents in your website is easy with Google Drive and if you work in the cloud there is no uploading, just share the doc and embed the link!