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Compose a Message in a New Window

Learn how to open a new browser window in Gmail to compose a message and still access your Inbox.

Compose New Email - New Window
The great thing about using web based email to write your email is that its available to any computer in the world.  There is no need to install software, or upgrade, or tie down your computers resources to make an email.

I suggest that you use Chrome as your web browser because its fast, works great when you want to drag and drop files!

Also, when you compose messages it saves the stuff your typing in the Drafts Label so you can pick up where you left off on any computer.

Check out the section on Importing your Address Book so you will be able to recall email addresses by just typing the name in the TO; CC; or BCC Fields

TO; is a direct email to a person or mailing list that everyone sees the Name and Address

CC: mean Carbon Copy, people then know you are sending a direct message to the guys in the TO field but also letting every one know you are also sending indirectly to the guys in the CC box

BCC; means your are sneaky, it means Blind Carbon Copy.  They see the ones in the To; and the CC; but they dont see the address in the BCC;