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8. Advanced Tips

 Advanced Tips and Tricks

 Become a Gmail Ninja
(Link) Find a wide variety of tips on reading and managing your email.

Printable Guide

 Start using keyboard shortcuts

(PDF) Enable keyboard shortcuts in your Gmail settings. Then quickly perform almost any Gmail task without a mouse.
 Become a power searcher

(Scroll down after opening the link.)
(PDF) Quickly find any message using  powerful search operators and shortcuts.

 Explore recommended Google Labs 

Recommend Labs to Enable for Gmail

Enable offline email access, email superstars, canned responses, and a host of other useful Gmail enhancements.
 Managing your Inbox: Gmail Tips and Tricks

Self-paced training (short clips - 1 hour total) Go beyond the basics to learn strategies for using labels, filters, archiving, and Google search to manage your inbox.