Umbrella for those cloudy days...
Network protection without the equipment, patches, or maintenance 

Instant Setup

Gain instant visibility into your networks or compromised systems, from any Internet-connected device, in just minutes.

Centralized Management

Get visibility and control across your entire distributed organization, through a single dashboard, from any Internet-connected device.


Phishing Protection

Umbrella created and operates PhishTank, the largest clearinghouse of phishing information on the Internet. PhishTank data is automatically integrated into your Umbrella service, providing your users with protection against fraudulent websites that attempt to steal your personal information and money.


Contain Data Leaks from Botnets

Umbrella uniquely stops known bots on your network from phoning home. Since bots rely on DNS to connect to their master for instructions, Umbrella is in a unique position to block that communication path. When we see a request for a known or predicted malicious host, we block the domain from resolving and notify you of which device is infected. This reduces the risk of criminal organizations extracting sensitive information from compromised devices and using your network and endpoint resources for attacks.


Prevent Malware and Contain Botnets
Umbrella proactively blocks access to malicious sources, greatly reducing the risk of infections. Malware reports with per-user visibility identifies who is at risk within your organization. Malware encompasses traditional viruses and worms, as well as modern trojans and drive-by installers. This internet-wide protection is application, OS, protocol and port agnostic.  Deployment is a breeze and adds a significant security layer to your existing infrastructure.
Internet-Wide Security Network

Since Umbrella resolves 2% of the world’s DNS queries, it has unique insight into security threats and trends. In addition, more than 10 of the world’s leading authorities on malware sources and botnet destinations partner with Umbrella to keep you safe.